For No Other Reason…

Our dogs Biscuit and Gravy have gotten big for seven months old, and they will probably get a bit bigger before they are done growing. They have calmed down, play well together and seem to be very good friends. They are relaxing enough to be able to be ‘friends’ with our cat Buschi, well as much as Buschi let’s them be his ‘friend’. It is nice to see these animals getting along and taking the time to cohabitate. well in our home.

There are times when we all need someone to lean on. When we are tired, when we are confused, or when we are falling asleep in the car and need a great place to rest our head. It means developing and investing in relationships with people long before we need to ask for help. It also means being a friend for them in their time of need without needing to really know the reason why. It’s like a two way bank account, each invests along the way not knowing which one will need to make a withdrawal first.

When I think about the people I know that I feel like I can rely on no matter what, they are people who have stood the test of time and proven their affection and loyalty. They have given, I have given, we have had good and bad times together, and through it all we knew we could call them and rest our weary head no questions asked.

I hope that you have people in your life that you can rely on and rest with, maybe even snore a little without getting pushed off their shoulder. These are the people who make our lives rich and worthwhile and accept us no matter the circumstances. Just remember that you have to be that person before you find those same people, so today invest in someone for no other reason than to be a good friend.

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