Everyone Needs a Place

This is Tigger, a dear friend’s cat. He loves this chair in her studio and has commandeered it as his own. He takes naps here, rests here, and generally keeps his eye on the room to stay on top of what people are doing. If he is not there you can sit there, and he will let you know when he wants it back and expects you to vacate.

Seeing Tigger in this chair reminded me that we all want somewhere to belong. A place we know that is our own space to simply be ourselves. Yours might be a chair, a sofa, a special desk in your den or maybe it is simply behind the wheel of your car. Everyone needs a place where they can do what they want to do while relaxed and at peace. With that place we usually decorate around it to make it more our own space. Note how Tigger’s Chair goes so beautifully with the carpet and nearby lamp. Our environment has a great impact on our motivation and mental state of mind. It has the power to calm or aggregate what we are trying to accomplish.

Some people like more stuff around them, some people like less. Some people enjoy color while others prefer a more neutral palette. Part of our journey is figuring out what we like, what we need, and how where we are impacts what we spend our time doing. Maybe you feel frustrated or agitated? Maybe a little lonely or sad, maybe even a little empty. These are the times when we need to go to our own space or place and sit, allowing ourselves to release all that is clogging our soul. Let the quiet soothe what is burdening the mind and take multiple deep breaths. Release, relax and rejuvenate.

Once Tigger gets settled he usually ends up asleep in the chair for hours. The world goes away and he dreams whatever it is a happy cat dreams. If Tigger can do it we humans can certainly do it. All we need is our own place to sit and relax, time to release what is bothering us and silence to resettle our soul. Take a tip from Tigger and enjoy your place today.

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