D Day…

I just finished the piece for week 25, the prompt was to celebrate the 75th anniversary of DDay. I had to admit I sort of knew what happened that day, and yet felt a title shaky on the details. So I read a lot about the military plan, the execution of that plan, and commentary from survivors. This is a quote from a man who covered the day for several publications.

I wanted to do something with the flags of the three countries who stormed the beaches and worked together to accomplish the goal. I didn’t want to create another flag piece so I made them look like pennants that might hang from a fence railing. The flags are paper, the blue is an antique blue print and the red is a japanese pattern. I wanted the piece to be unified so I filled in the negative space on the lettering with red. I used a parallel pen 1.5, Copic and gel pens all on mixed media paper.

I went to a movie tonight with a dear friend. We then stood in the parking lot talking until way too late. As I drove home I was reminded that freedom isn’t free and my ability to do what I want, when I want with whomever I want was paid for by men and women who fought battles and lost their lives. I drove the deserted streets and gave thanks for them all and was more than grateful that I live in a land for the free paid for by the very brave.

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