That Fatherly Tone of Voice

Our Biscuit all too often stickers her nose where it doesn’t belong, most often that is the trash. She then pulls something out that she turns into a play thing only to end up reprimanded by her daddy for being a bad girl. She’s learning, slowly, and her memory seems to fail her all too often, then she must learn the lesson again.

It can be tough being a Father when your children do not behave or learn or do the things you know they should do. Not simply because you said so, even though you are the Dad, but because you know what is good for them and want to prevent them from being hurt. My husband has a tone of voice and when he says her name she knows instantly that she is in trouble. My Dad had that same tone of voice when we were kids. All he had to do was say your name and instantly you knew you were in for it. Maybe that tone of voice is part of the Fatherly handbook?

My husband and I were blessed to have Fathers who became our friends later in life. They helped us grow into the people we are today and served us as friends in our later years. The key was that they fulfilled their fatherly duties first then over time morphed into men we wanted to hang out with and include in all our fun. Not everyone is blessed that way with a biological father who loved them enough to do a great job, some people only experienced that from a man who adopted them or a non-family member who acted in that role. Others have never experience the love and care of a father at all.

As today is Father’s day take time to thank the man who helped you learn and grow, and if you never had one then maybe it is your turn to be that for someone else. Perhaps a puppy needs your guidance to learn not to root in the trash, or a little boy needs your helping hand to teach him how to be a well rounded man. Practice your Fatherly tone of voice and fulfill the important duties first, time will later provide opportunities for you to become their friend.

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