A Willingness to Learn Something New

We visited Ponce City Market today and this business was new since our last visit. It is a place where you can learn to sew. They have classes, workshops and all sorts of patterns. Right there for everyone to see were people learning new things and creating beautiful clothes. I watched as people walked by and others looked in the windows to see what was going on inside. I thought it was pretty darn cool that this had such a big presence and seemed to be busy.

Inside I gave a great, rousing round of applause for the people who started this venture and those willing to sit in a window and learn something new. Sure many of us learn new things yet we don’t do it in front of strangers in a very busy shopping area. I learned to sew in junior high and was glad to see that people still wanted to learn this amazing skill AND were willing to do it in public. These customers are really putting themselves out there and seemed to be focuses and having fun while doing it.

When was the last time you challenged yourself to learn something new? When did you take or make the time to enhance your skills or abilities simply because you wanted to? Not because your job or education required it, you wanted to learn to make your life better even if you never got paid for it? There is something amazing that happens when you hold up a thing that you have made for the first time and you actually like it. The feeling of personal pride and self respect grow exponentially and the best part is no one can ever take that learning away from you.

Have the guts to learn something new, try something different, venture into the unknown and give yourself the gift of knowledge. It’s the gift that keeps on giving even after the lessons are completed.

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