Blended Colors…

We are in the 23rd week of the year and this week’s prompt was to create letters using blended colors. I had fun playing with inks and pens and working to blend colors, then I realized I did that sort of thing all the time. I stepped back and asked myself how can I do something different?

After a bit of thinking I realized I wanted to know more about how black Sumi ink reacts with water, so I changed directions. I wrote the main words using Sumi ink with a brush on watercolor paper. I then ran the entire piece under the faucet to see how the ink would react to running water. I ended up creating three versions, this is the one I liked best. The smaller words are also Sumi ink, written two days later after the large letters and water/ink had time to dry. The red is gel pen. I like the way the water blended with the ink around the edges of certain letters and how the ink spread into uncontrollable spaces.

As I have been doing this weekly challenge now for almost two years I can look back through my work and see the weeks when I stretched myself and the weeks when I did something easy. I’m okay with that as life has a way of throwing us curve balls or unexpected elements that can interfere or rearrange our plans. Being able to handle what life throws our way is the challenge we each face for every day. Some days we handle things better than others. Some days we have the energy and forethought to challenge ourselves to do something new and different. Some days we need our regular routine and the comfort that provides, and some days we need a little bit of both. As another week comes my way I look forward to what the next prompt will bring and how I will create as a result of it.

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