Life is Like a Vending Machine

It might sound a bit cliche, but life can sometimes feel like a giant vending machine. You take time to figure out what you want, put in the money required, pull the knob, and out comes what you want…most of the time. I was in a public place and watched two people interact with a vending machine. They both wanted a candy bar and both did not have the same outcome.

One got what they expected and walked away completely satisfied. The other pulled the wrong knob and did not realize it until the wrong candy bar fell into the receptacle. They stood there and thought long and hard about what to do. Complain and try to get the money back to then buy the candy bar they wanted. Settle and eat what was chosen. Give the candy bar to someone who wants it and buy another one.

Life can be like this as we often end up with what we thought we wanted when it was actually the wrong choice. We are responsible for that wrong choice, so in essence we have to live with the decision we made. Sure we can complain and expect people to feel sorry for us or want them to fix it for us, yet we are in life where we have chosen to be. The adult thing to do is to deal with that choice and make the best of things. Being stuck doesn’t mean all bad, it simply means we didn’t get what we wanted, or what we thought we wanted.

When we were young most of us had a plan for our future. What we wanted to do for a living, who we would spend our life with, when or if we would have children, where we wanted to live, we had grand ideas and thoughts. I look back on my life and I am very glad I did not get the plan I thought I wanted when I was right out of college. If I had gotten the right candy bar on my first pull I would NEVER be where I am today. Instead I took a different path than my ideal plan and have had a wonderful adventure, not always ending up where I thought I would, yet an adventure none the less.

Are you where you thought you would be when you pulled the knob? Have you ended up exactly where planned, or did life throw you a couple curve balls and you dealt with them like a champ? It’s great to assume that when you pull the knob you will always get what you want, in reality we may get what we want then no longer want what we got. Life isn’t about having the perfect plan or always getting what you want, life is about dealing with what comes your way to create the world you want. Right or wrong life is about how we deal with our choices and consequences of our actions. No one gets it all and no one has everything they expected…if they tell you they do, then maybe they want you to buy the candy bar they didn’t want so they can by the one they did want.

As adults we dealt with the consequences of our choices. The happiest people I know have learned to make the consequences of their choices into what they wanted and are thankful that they didn’t get what they thought was the right and only choice.

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  1. Agree. You do everything you should to get a Snickers bar, and out comes a potato. Try making lemonade out of that.


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