21,535 Days

My parents celebrated their fifty-ninth wedding anniversary yesterday. My Dad bought my Mom her favorite chocolate cake as part of their celebration. In a time and culture where fifty percent of marriages end it is a great blessing to have parents that are still married, still like each other, and still are each other’s best friend.

In those fifty nine years they have had three children, ‘adopted’ two other families which adds four more children and two sets of parents, they have fifteen grandchildren and may soon have two great grandchildren. They have traveled to multiple continents, met with Presidents and a Pope, served on countless boards and within many organizations, and managed all that despite death, poverty, success, heartbreak and unimaginable changes going on around them.

In their lifetime they moved from the radio to internet downloads, from a small country grocery store to online ordering and home grocery delivery. They have seen electronics and twenty four hour news replace newspapers and weekly radio updates from the White House. They have outlived their parents and many siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and even one child. They have loved unconditionally and given without being asked and served when no one else wanted to be bothered. They still create, they still learn, they are still up everyday doing the best they can with the life they are blessed to live each and every day.

In a time where longevity, commitment and stability are not valued the way they used to be these two people have stuck together, stuck it out, and stuck to what they believe. I write this post to thank them for living a life that has touched more people than we even know how to count. A cake seems a simple way to say thank and congratulations to such an amazing couple.

We never know how our actions and values will live beyond our years on this earth. For generations to come people will be blessed and thankful for the many, many, many things these two have done as a couple and as a family. Let this be an encouragement to us all to continue planting seeds and to never look back.

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  1. Also, landlines to smart phones, televisions the size of sofas to ones you slip in a purse, and no surveillance to worldwide continuous surveillance. Then, there is the acceptance of what was previously unthinkable and unspeakable.


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