Today I am Thankful for the Rain

We have been hot and sunny for weeks and this afternoon it finally rained. The clouds came in quickly and the sky darkened immediately. Before we knew it drops were covering our front deck and one could almost hear every living thing breathe a sigh of relief. It wasn’t here for very long yet the rain brought just enough water to alleviate the dryness from the past few weeks of sunshine.

After the rain was gone I went outside and wiggled my toes in the puddles. It was refreshing and cool, delightful and reminded me of how much we need water. We need the darkness that rain provides as a counter to the sun. We need it’s life giving elements and the way it allows everything to grow. We need it to refresh and renew our minds and our bodies.

Rain provides down time. Time to be still and relax and rest. Time to do the things we put off because we would rather be outside doing something else. Sometimes we need nature to intervene and force us into down time. Rain somehow provides that opportunity. Somehow nature knows that we need the ying that the rain provides to the sun’s yang. We can only survive when we embrace both rain and sun and what each one provides.

The rain reminded me today that whether we like it or not we need both productivity and rest. We need both to get things done and to remain rested enough to get those things done. As leaders we also need to realize that our people need both to function and grow and learn. Pushing too hard or for too long does not allow them to process and learn from all they do on a daily basis. The rainy days give people time to process and rest; maybe it’s time to manufacture a rainy day for someone who needs a bit of forced refreshment.

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