“No” May be the Best Answer for You!

Most of the time we stay in our swim lane getting things done. We may be busy but we know what we are doing. How does that old saying go, if you want something done give it to a busy person, which means someone asking you to do something. With all you already have going on, when are you comfortable saying ‘No’?

Sometimes those two little letters are the toughest ones to get out our mouth. We often choose the path of least resistance and just do it. How bad can it be, how long can it take? One more thing won’t be too much. Then more people ask and more things pile up and that one item becomes twenty-seven and we find ourselves totally overwhelmed. We get frustrated, angry and feel used instead of having avoided all those emotions by simply saying no at the beginning.

We want to be seen as reliable, capable, and conscientious so being asked to do things that fall within our wheel house seems easy. Sure we can do it, no problem. We become the go to person for those around us which lets them off the hook. Mention it next time they are in conversation with you and poof it will get done. They don’t have to ask or risk rejection, they simply rely on good will to carry out their idea or need. That usually works until the list gets too long and you fail to take the bait. Being able to get things done with excellence is a skill and a gift. It takes talent and know how to execute on to do items and get them done while making it look easy.

It takes focus to be able to say no. It can mean turning down a great opportunity to lead or serve in order not to lose focus on what you are working towards. No means being able to handle disappointing others in order to keep yourself healthy. Saying no may be what keeps you sane when the world wants to use up what you have to offer. Saying no means being disciplined and knowing what you want, which is not pleasing people it means staying the course on your goals.

When was the last time you said no and felt good about it? Not to be mean or spiteful but because saying no was the best thing for your physical and mental health. Being good at what you do is amazing, being able to meter your own work load and tell people this is not the right time, or maybe after I get my own projects done makes all the difference. Respect yourself and your time before trying to please others. It’s only two little letters but they can make a HUGE difference in how you feel long term.

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