Food Changes Everything

When people get together what do they do, they eat. Food creates an atmosphere for conversation, laughter, enjoyment and comfort. When people gather to consume their basic needs are met and something special happens.

My husband spent the weekend cooking and preparing amazing food for our gathering. We had family come in from out of town and the best conversations happened during and after mealtime. We got to know each other better and in different ways while enjoying all the yummy creations. It takes planning, time and effort to cook delicious meals and when people enjoy it and want to eat the leftovers you know your efforts were well spent.

When working to get a group to come together, getting them to know each other better, food is always an important element to add to the equation. When people eat together they bond and learn and get to know each other. Food facilitates conversation and helps people get to know who likes what, who doesn’t eat what, who likes it spicy and who eats anything. People cannot survive without food so adding it into moments when they are spending time together can change everything.

So here’s to the people who prepare our food, who invent wonderful things for us to eat, and who invest their time and energy to ensure that our primary need is met. Food changes everything and will make or break an evening with friends or family. Time to get eat some leftovers and enjoy the great food all over again.

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