Whatever Words You Want

Today is Memorial Day. It is the day we celebrate those who have sacrificed the ultimate price for our freedom. We have put into our calendars a day to remind us that freedom isn’t free, someone has to work and sweat and serve and pay for our ability to say and do anything we want.

That may just sound like words people say because they have to sound like they know why we take this Monday off, why banks and companies close, and why our military is important. Words have power. Words have the ability to change people’s lives for good and for bad. What we say can and will haunt people for untold years as a reminder of how they have failed or how they are loved. Words seem just like simple letters combined to help us communicate with each other, and yet without them we would be thwarted on every side. It is our words that allow others to understand our thoughts, ideas and values. It is our words that reveal how we think and what is important to us. It is our words that communicate the secret desires of our heart.

The men and women who serve in our military took an oath. They gave us their word that they would stand in the gap and keep us safe from enemies foreign or domestic. No matter how we treat them, fund them, help them or cheer them they promised to put on their uniform and represent us with pride and valor. Their families have sacrificed in support of their oath and together we all take this day off work to recognize and appreciate the people who make our own lives safe.

Whatever words you use to sum up the meaning of today and make your own life promise, whose your words wisely. There are families who have not seen their loved one for a while because that loved one gave their word to protect us all. Take time today to appreciate your freedoms and give thanks for your ability to use whatever words you want.

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