Curious or Satisfied? You Choose…

Curiosity killed the cat, we hear that saying all the time. The challenge is that we do not always hear the other half which reads, and satisfaction brought him back. Being curious is a good thing and yes it has it’s own risks. There are both positive and negative sides of every decision we make, not just in being curious.

Being curious teaches us about ourselves and the world. It teaches us about what works and what doesn’t, about what we like and what we don’t like, about who we want to be and who we don’t want to be. Curiosity gives us the freedom to try and fail and try again, it lets us explore and discover and recover.

Curiously allows us to live in a world of what if…what if I change this, what if I hold on to that, what if I did something completely different? As the saying notes, satisfaction is on the other side of curiosity. Living the life we want allows us to feel a sense of satisfaction in knowing that we can live with the choices we have made and who we have become.

So what are you curious about in terms of your own life? Where do you want to explore and what new thing do you want to learn to get you to a full level of satisfaction in your own life? Maybe you are already there, maybe you are only tapping into the more curious side of yourself. Maybe you need to look at your world from a different perspective to REALLY see and be satisfied with yourself.

What do you think - write your thoughts here!

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