The Work of Embracing Imperfections

I’ve been working in the yard this week getting things ready for summer. Moving mulch, weeding, watering and more weeding. Without realizing it the weeds have gotten ahead of me and now I find myself a little overwhelmed by the amount of weeds I will have to pull to get things back to normal.

I had to give up my inner desire to have everything done and uniform. Working in nature means embracing the imperfections and unevenness of beauty. Not everything needs to be perfectly round or spaced apart. Working in the yard reminded me that nature has a better thought about what makes things beautiful. Things that are uneven or clustered, layered and unique create to create a different kind of beauty. It is the unevenness that makes it catch my eye. We live in the country so there is no competition with neighbors about how our land should look; there is no yard of the month competition. We can create anything we want by embracing the imperfection of nature.

We’ve decided to create a Japanese garden in our side area which is naturally covered in moss. The beauty of the moss and the imperfections of the space are a perfection combination. It means that my attention to detail in weeding needs to be pretty clear, so I have a lot more work to do. Slowly and intentionally we are working to build our own calm and serene garden. The imperfections and the work will combine to build a space where we can embrace peace.

So I will continue working, weeding and planting with the hope that it all works together to create a peaceful garden. I say hope because when working with nature there is no control or assurance the everything will grow just the way you plan. Giving up control means embracing the unique and the imperfections, which brings us closer to the peace and quiet we all need each day.

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