Everyone Deserves Freedom to Live

I was stuck in traffic in our town and looked right. I suddenly noticed this home and realized that I had never seen it before. As I was stopped for many minutes I was able to do more than just glance, I was able to absorb how this family must live on a day to day basis. I was humbled and reminded that everyone has a different experience and a different way of living.

This doorstep reminded me that not everyone is having the same experience. Not everyone has the ability to move beyond where they are to get to where they want to go. And not everyone can even imagine that they deserve anything more than what they currently experience. Poverty, emotional and physical abuse, debt, unsafe conditions or the simple lack of knowing what is out there prevents too many of our neighbors from being able to change their lives.

We are coming up on the Memorial Day holiday weekend. It is the time when we give thanks for all the people who have dedicated their lives to serving in the military and protecting our freedoms. And that means freedom for every income level, every neighborhood, every resident of our nation. Whether we live in a mansion or a broken down slum we all deserve freedom AND to give thanks for those who sacrifice their time, energy and lives to ensure our freedom.

Be reminded today that not everyone in your town is living the same life that you are living. Not everyone has the same opportunities, and not everyone is living a life of freedom from worry or fear. When you sleep late or eat burgers and hot dogs with your family members think about someone who lives near you that may need a help out of their current circumstances. Freedom means being able to live and love and serve our fellow citizens. This weekend is our chance to give thanks and give back.

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