Eleanor Roosevelt…

This week’s calligraphy prompt was to somehow honor Eleanor Roosevelt. She is credited with some of my favorite quotes, so I knew it would be hard to choose just one. This quote reminded me to do something each day, so I took Eleanor’s advice and did something scary. The background is a monotype created using gel printing techniques. The reason why it can be scary to work with is because you only have one chance to write on it, once you start there is no going back. You mess up and you may never be able to recreate that exact background. I used a brush with Sumi ink and a glitter brush pen.

We are such creatures of habit that we can sometimes get stuck in a rut. Time passes and before we know it the day or week or month is over and everything is a blur. I think this quote reminds us that life is about learning, growing, and challenging ourselves to do something new every day. By doing something scary we both conquer our fears and build our confidence. It doesn’t mean that everything we do will work, it means we do it even though it scares us and we can deal with the consequences.

How boring would life be if we only spent our days doing the same old things over and over again? It sounds both soothing and boring at the same time. Sure there are days when we need our routine. We need to know what is going to happen and how we handle it. We need to know that we have the skills to get things done and we need to be reminded that we know what we are doing. We also need days when we are not in control or feel unsure, or even do new things. These days keep us awake and alive and a little nervous. They keep us humble and alert, they test our skills and provide the necessary excitement to keep us getting up each morning.

So what kind of day are you having? What kind do you want to have? What one thing about today scares you and how are you handling it? Remember that what you know how to do today you had to learn how to do, so at some point it was new and scary. Think about how far you have come AND how much farther you can go by doing just one thing today that scares you.


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