The Work is Worth It


A goal is something you work for and once it arrives the satisfaction of reaching it is amazing. My husband and I celebrated a goal today, we paid an outside company to clean our house. We have lived here for sixteen years and agreed early on when we would be comfortable paying someone else to clean our home. We have worked hard to get here and both find this a real blessing. This is how the crew left our master bathroom for us to find…very nice.

People set goals for lots of reasons. It gives them something to work towards, something to look forward to or something to keep them on track for another goal. We used getting our house cleaned as a reward for other goals we were working towards. For us it was a great incentive to stay on track. It was worth the weight and the money spent.

What goal do you have that is important enough for you to stay on track? Is it big enough to scare you and far enough away to be believable? Who knows about your goal and can encourage and remind you why you set the goal? And what is your reward once you reach your goal? Maybe the reward is what you really want and reaching your goal is the path to get there.

Something amazing happens when we set goals and reach them. It builds confidence and self respect, it reminds us that hard work pays off, and it may provide an opportunity for others to earn or serve along the way improving their life as well. Set a big goal today and work to reach it, the work is worth the effort and the reward is that much sweeter when it arrives.

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  1. Wow. Travel to Italy. Two dogs (that’s the end of travel to anywhere except the vet’s office). Ribboned toilet tissue.


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