Dad and Gravy fell asleep in the studio. The rest of us were working on projects so napping was a great option. It was sweet hat they felt comfortable enough to enjoy being in the space and taking a needed rest.

All too often we forget to listen to our bodies. They tell us when we are hungry, thirsty, even tired. Our lives don’t always allow us to do anything with our biometric signals so we ingest things to make it easier to get through. Caffeine, sugar, and other items to help us deal with what our body is saying and how our schedule is preventing us from dealing with it.

We have sofas and chairs throughout our home that are perfect for taking naps. Sometimes I hear them calling my name. The moment I lay down I can feel my body starting to relax and rest. It can only take a few minutes for the urge to nap to preempt anything else. My husband has this same reaction. The best part is releasing the guilt of napping during the day and leaving the world and your responsibilities behind, if only for twenty minutes.

So today or at least this weekend you need to take a nap. Let go of everything on your plate and give yourself a chance to rest.

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