Never Underestimate the Power of Collaboration

One of the great things about living around talented people is that ideas come to life right before your eyes. We needed a larger book press, one that could hold anything 16″x20″. So my Dad and my husband worked together to design a large one. Dad put his excellence to work and made it a reality. My job was then to calligraphy the top with a famous quote about persistence titled “Press On”.

Dad finished the press several months ago and it has been sitting in our studio waiting for me to put brush to wood…gulp! I have worked with wood before and knew that if I made a mistake the entire top would need to be refinished for me to start again. I wanted the lettering to be cursive and a bit extemporaneous. Once I mustered the courage and had practiced my cursive brush letters enough, I started and didn’t allow myself to stop until it was done. I did not draw lines nor use any type of guide, I wanted to simply go with the flow. Now the ink needs to dry for several days, maybe even weeks before we put on the protective polyurethane.

The multiple lessons here dovetail to create the big picture. Ideas and skills work together to bring concepts to life. You may not have the skill, but someone else does. You may not have the skills today so give yourself time to learn more, grow and practice until you are more confident about executing. You may need to draw on the ideas and opinions of others to elevate your original idea into one that exceeds everyones’s expectations. Never underestimate the power of collaboration. Trying to do things alone assumes you can do it all AND can do it better than anyone else. Leave your fierce independence behind and allow others to brings what they do best to the project. Allow their talents to amaze and astound AND elevate your own abilities. Their excellence will light a fire under you to bring your best.

Once the press is finished I will post a photo of the completed project…so stay tuned. And go find your own way to collaborate on something with people who’s talents are different than your own.

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