Your Favorite Season…

This week’s calligraphy prompt was to show the group your favorite season. When I read the word season I did not automatically think of Summer, Winter, etc. I thought about the seasons of life. I made the mistake of looking at the submissions from other people in the group and I tried hard – I made two options – using the traditional seasons of nature. I didn’t like either of them. I slept on it and decided to go back to my original thought about the seasons of life. I decided to use a variety of black markers and fill in with other colors.

Isn’t it funny how we get an idea that may be a bit unconventional and we waver on moving forward. We know it came to us in a moment of inspiration but we hesitate. Why is that? Why don’t we just jump on the idea and bring it to life? In my case I chalk it up to fear, expectations, conformity and a lack of self confidence that I can take the idea in my head and produce it with my current skills to the level that meets or exceeds the idea in my head.

What I think is even more funny, when I tried to force the conventional idea I was not happy with the outcome. So the conventional route actually brought to life the fears in my head of not being able to execute with excellence. Once I let go of convention this piece took me about thirty minutes to complete. IT poured out of my hands and head right onto the paper.

My lesson for the week is to remember that when I get an idea that is not conventional I need to go for it. Leave the fear and hesitation behind and execute with my skills as they currently stand. If it turns out, it turns out, If it doesn’t at least I have made an attempt on my idea and if need be I can do it again when my skills advance. Everything we want is on the other side of fear…this week reminded me of this saying.

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