Let It Be Known

It is nice to be known by people. What I mean is it is wonderful when people know you well enough to know your likes and dislikes, preferences and favorites. This is a no sugar added fried pie from Mercier Orchards. It is sinfully delicious and it was a gift that has delighted me all week. I finally ate the last one tonight and was sad to see it gone.

It’s strange how we have a fear of letting people know us, the real us, the one inside that we know but fear no one else will understand. Will I measure up? Will they like me, understand me, make me feel welcome? Or will I feel like an outsider and that no one will ever want to know the real me? I spoke to three professionals today that all expressed this same anxiety about being known and respected within their group at work. In different ways this fear was preventing them from bringing their best self and best ideas to the workplace.

It takes time to know people and to let ourselves be known. This also assumes we have truly examined who we are and what is important to us enough to allow other people to do the same. None of us are exactly the same and those differences and nuances are what make life interesting. It takes courage to embrace our true self and to allow others to know what we think and feel without sensing any judgement.

I am not a big fan of pie, I really only like one kind – apple. The wonderful people who brought us the pies know me well enough to know this factoid. It was a reminder to me that people can do heartwarming and kind things when we let them in, and we can be reminded of our value to others when we allow them to know the real person we are inside. So today share of yourself and let it be known who you are and what you value.

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  1. Happy Birthday (a little late, you’ve already eaten pie). Shara makes a great apple pie. With brown sugar and a candy peanut top crust. The envelope is on the table. Forgot to mail it yesterday.


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