You Can’t Serve From an Empty Pitcher

I met with my accountability partner and friend today. It was much appreciated and much overdue for us both. These meals where we get real about our lives, our challenges, our successes and our hopes for the future keep us both grounded and clear headed. On the way to my car I passed these water pitchers in a restaurant window. The ones in the back are empty and unused, the ones at the front are full and busy serving people. It is the perfect metaphor for my day. You can’t serve from an empty pitcher.

All too often we forget that. We pour our lives into others forgetting the fact that we have to fill ourselves FIRST before we have anything worth giving away. But keeping your pitcher full means taking time away from serving others and spending it developing and filling yourself. Relaxing, reading, writing, clearing out the mental cobwebs all work together to keep our pitcher full of healthy ideas and elements.

As I write this the rain is falling, the house is quiet and I am able to end my day with my own peaceful and fulfilling time. I can relax before I go to sleep. I want to have a full pitcher to serve others tomorrow, so that starts by filling my tank today.

What do you do to fill your tank, renew your thoughts, relax and refresh yourself? When was the last time you did it for more than a few minutes? Your life and the lives of those you serve are worth it, so put the hustle and bustle of your day aside and take time to fill your own pitcher. Your life and the lives of those you serve will be better for it.

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