If Only Everything Was That Easy

I remember owning an Easy Bake Oven when I was young. I had so much fun making cakes and cookies with my own over, which in reality was a high wattage light bulb and basic cake batter. When I saw this model in an antique store I had to laugh. Memories of my brothers and I sneaking downstairs to bake things while still in our pajamas, what a perfect way to spend cold Winter mornings; eating ourselves sick on half baked cake and icing.

Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life were that easy? Preheat the oven, open the package, add water, stir then bake. Life could be so easy a child could do it and be successful. As adults we know that is not reality. Life can be hard and disappointing, a joyous celebration and an amazing journey, but you almost never hear anyone say life is easy. Life isn’t easy, it’s hard. Life is unpredictable, and shocking, full of excitement, surprise and unbelievable circumstances. And for all of us life is different.

We never truly know what people are experiencing in their version of life. I had a man in one of my coaching sessions tell me that he wasn’t sure he wanted to stay married after thirty fives years together. He walked me through his reasoning and why he felt this way. It boiled down to things had gotten too hard to deal with and he didn’t think he had the energy to live that life anymore. I had another man tell me his wife told him at breakfast that if he didn’t change his work habits she was taking the kids and leaving. Sad thing was he wasn’t surprised by her news nor was he sure what to do about it. And I had a woman share with me her regrets about the life she hadn’t chosen. She had put work first and life last and now found herself moving yet again for her job and not sure it was worth it anymore, and sadly not liking her life anymore. From the outside all three of these people looked successful, but they were troubled and perplexed with the messiness of life.

No one’s life is easy, no matter what picture they paint or story they tell. We all have our ups and our downs, our highs and our lows. The good days teach us how to handle the bad days, the high lights help level out the low points. No one gets an easy bake version of life. To eat the good cake we have to do the work OR pay someone else who did the work. Either way someone had to do some work to get the good stuff. Maybe this is your reminder that the life is worth the hard work and the results hard work provides.

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