Up a Tree of Your Own Doing

There are times when you find yourself scared and trapped up a tree, usually of your own doing. Artie ran away from the puppies and instead of going the way he knew he ran up a tree. We couldn’t reach him and he was too scared to move. Fear got the best of him and he ended up spending the evening up there. He came down several hours later once the sky was black and the puppies were in bed for the night.

I could relate to his predicament. In the past I have found myself up a tree due to my hasty actions or lack of thinking. These are the times when you think quick, think wrong and forge ahead only to end up facing a bigger problem than the one you were trying to escape. Then suddenly it hits you that your current predicament is due to your own rash actions and poor thought process. Being up a tree has one advantage, it gives you time to ponder your predicament and time to think about how to move forward from here.

The next move can be a crucial one. How to proceed without digging a deeper hole? This is where the impulse to run needs to be squelched by the voice of experience that is telling you to calm down and think. Most rash decisions are poor ones and need to be followed up with well thought out options. This is the time to slow down, calm down and allow yourself the time to think the entire situation through from beginning to end. As I stood under this tree limb I could see Artie working it out in his little feline head about how he was going to get down, and more importantly when was he going to be ready to move forward.

The positive side of finding yourself up a tree is that it doesn’t have to last very long. Just like Artie you already have the skills and abilities to get yourself out of this mess, you just have to take the time to realize this about yourself. You know how you got there and you probably know what you need to do to get down, the real challenge is mustering up the courage to just do it. Get over this dumb move, forgive yourself, learn the lesson, and get out of the tree. A good life is waiting for you to get back to it, so just take a deep breathe and head on down to the ground.

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