This week’s calligraphy prompt was to create like Chagall. I went online and reviewed a lot of his work and noticed that he loved bold colors and abstract combinations. I then looked up quotes from him and picked this one to complete the prompt.

I used multiple pieces of paper and threw four away. Nothing I was trying was working so I shifted to simply creating something inspired by his work. I literally used every marker, brush pen and pencil I own to create the color gradations. At one point I was disheartened as nothing was turning out like I wanted. I stepped aside for a while then because it was getting over worked. It needed something but I wasn’t sure what, then I had the idea to add the calligraphic lines with Sumi ink and glitter brush pens. Put all that together and some how it works.

After focusing too hard on what I thought would happen I stepped back and relaxed. My idea of the edging reminded me that we cannot force creativity. It doesn’t always come when we want, how we want, and in a form we can execute using our current skills or thought processes. Sometimes time is our friend. It allows us to think new things and develop a different approach without chucking what already exists.

This week I was reminded that it is just paper and ink. I was reminded that we all need time to relax and think differently. And I was reminded that I am blessed to have all the tools I need to do what I want…don’t tell my husband, it might mean fewer trips to the art supply store!

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