And Here We Go Again…


I have been fortunate to inherit chairs and other furniture from family members. Over the years I have been having them reupholstered, which means finding a fabric we can live with for multiple decades. The best way I have found to give us time to get used to a new fabric is to buy a swatch and hang it on the piece of furniture. this allows us to ‘live’ with it for a while and confirm that we like it enough to have the chair redone.

We have been looking for years. Partly because we have changed our minds and the way we want the room to look, and partly because we see new options and ‘live’ with them for a while before deciding. We finally decided on a fabric for two chairs in our guest area and today I went to the fabric vendor to buy the yardage needed for two chairs. The bad news was that the fabric has been discontinued and is no longer available. RATS! (in my mind I said other unladylike words!) So, the journey starts all over again.

I roamed the stacks and stacks, rolls and rolls of fabric to find one similar in color different in design to the one we liked. I texted a picture to my hubby to see if he liked it. A couple hours later he responded and he did. WHO KNEW! It really only took us two minutes to decide…and countless fabric swatches of ones we didn’t like. Later this week I will be driving near the fabric vendor so I will buy the yardage we need, case closed.

My lesson here is that we get used to a process of doing things and that can confine the way we think. We follow the process not knowing that it is preventing us from being spontaneous and doesn’t allow us to make quick decisions. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way, go with our gut, and move on. When we drag things out we become dull or complacent and forget the reason we started the process in the first place, which was to make a decision we could live with for a long period of time.

What habit or process do you repeat that might need to be thrown out? Where do you need a quick decision where you just need to trust your gut and go for it? Otherwise the phrase you will hear in your mind could be, “and here we go again!” Get out of your own wya and make the decision. Your time with valuable and making a decision will lighten your load and allow you to focus on other more important things.


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