Sometimes Ya’ Just Need Dessert

We live in a world where information bombards us. We know how many calories we eat, how much exercise we need each day, how much sleep we should get and how stress can ruin our health. The information available about our health is amazing and overwhelming at the same time. The side effect can be piles and piles of guilt.

So why is it that dessert is always at the front of the buffet line? Is someone working to remind us to save room for dessert, or are they tempting us? Are they showing off or simply being cruel? Personally I usually survey the buffet line to see what is being served before I grab a plate. Once I se the entire picture, including dessert, I fill my plate.

Not all desserts tempt me to eat less. This one caught my eye. The strawberries were fresh and the whip cream was smooth and dreamy. It was one of those lunches when I knew I needed a dessert. It was worth all the calories. In fact I could have eaten it for lunch and skipped the rest of the food. If I had had the guts to do it, it would have been a perfect meal.

Sometimes ya’ just need dessert. You need the indulgence, the sweetness, the sensory overload and the feeling of telling the world to bug off while you take control of your life. You know the consequences and joy and hopefully the dessert is worth it. Maybe today is that day for you, if it is indulge without guilt and enjoy every bite. Life is too short to always skip desert.

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  1. Sharla has made pralines and caramels, cheesecakes and apple pies with apples from New York and Michigan she got from road trips. I believe in the food cube (the pyramid never made sense): pie, cheese, fudge, unfiltered cider.
    Happy Easter.

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