Getting Back to Fun and Games


There are a limited number of times in life when we can truly be our silly, childish selves. Many of those fun times revolve around family. This silly group just finished an indoor go cart race and are showing off their helmet head gear. They had a blast, some won some lost, and yet everyone went home laughing, giggling and hoping to do it again one day.

It is important as adults to tap into our inner child. We grow older but that doesn’t mean we have to grow up. Most of us are simply overgrown five year olds, and when someone or something taps into our inner kindergartner we get a glimpse into who we are really meant to be. Being loved, being accepted, being silly and lots and lots of laughter are the perfect recipe for making memories. No matter the age, size, demographic or problems we are all just older children waiting to get back to fun and games.

If you have not had a chance to roll on the ground, get dirty, splash in the water, get sweaty, run a race or jump for joy then you are definitely in need of some fun and games.  Maybe today is the day you get over yourself and your problems by jumping into a puddle, splashing around with bubbles in your bathtub or making an artistic mess on your dinner plate before you eat your meal. Give yourself a few minutes of being a kindergartner and wash away the pains and challenges of being an adult. My guess is you could use a little more child in your day, so why not today?

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