This week’s calligraphy prompt was to share something we collect.To illustrate this I created a plate using a sweet quote – A beautifully set table is a perfect canvas for a delicious meal. It was fun creating the plate design using markers and Copic pens. I also used metallic brush pens to created the utensils and plate’s outer edge.

I thought long and hard as I have many things I collect. I chose to share my China wall. I started hanging the broken pieces of family China on our studio staircase simply so we could enjoy them even though they were chipped. The first hanging started with about twenty plates and has grown to close to one hundred over the past few years. We have gathered them in our travels and may people have given them to us as gifts. It’s a great way to enjoy the beauty and colors of all the pieces. The one thing they have in common is that almost all of them have some shade of blue.

My grandmother, my husband’s grandmother, both our mothers, aunts, cousins and friends are all represented on the wall. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the differentiation generations of people who all celebrate our creativity. They inspire us and remind us that though times change everyone eats, and a beautiful plate only brings more life to any meal.

So what do you collect? How do you display it? How does it bring you pleasure and how do you share it with others. We tell so much about ourselves when we share what makes us happy, and seeing it makes other people happy. Never fear that others won’t understand what or why you collect what you do. Let go of your fear and give freely of your joy. Joy is contagious if we are simply willing to share it.

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