If a Cat Can Do It, You Can Too!

As I worked our cat Artie jumped up on my desk and wouldn’t move. He got as close as he could get without actually sitting on my keyboard. No matter what I did his little face sat there and stared me down. He wanted me to pay attention to him, to stop doing what I was doing and play with him. I had no doubt about what he wanted.

Little Artie reminded me that we need to be clear about what we want and what we need. We think people can read our minds or understood what we meant, when in reality people just need us to be clear about things. If you want someone’s attention, then get in their face and get their attention. Tell them what you need and then give them the chance to fulfill your need.

Artie also made me think about why we are not clear. Fear prevents us from saying things and revealing what we need. Fear of rejection, fear of no one caring, or the fear that what we really need will be ignored. That fear clouds our thinking and causes us to do other things to get people’s attention. We create drama, we nag, we cry, we scream, we post on social media, we go off in a huff or we mentally check out and protest in silence. All because we are afraid to be honest and tell people what we want.

So do as Artie does and be clear, be present, and let people know without any doubt what you want or need. Asking for what you want may not be romantic, or sly, You may think it is obvious to those around you. Cut out the drama and the games and reveal who you are and what you want. If a cat can do it, you can too.

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