This week’s calligraphy challenge was the word friendship. I struggled with this one for days as there are so many wonderful things to say about friendship. After roughing out a few ideas (in my hotel room) I decided to let the overwhelming possibilities be my guide. I used various black pens and colors markers on mixed media paper.

This week made me think about all the friends I have had in my years. Ones that are still with me through thick and thin, friends that made a great impact for a brief time, and friends who are new and becoming part of my circle. We all needs friends and friendship to survive this life. Friendship brings someone into our lives to share all the roller coaster emotions and situations of life. They support us and we support them. We ride the ride together and balance each other out along the journey.

There are different definitions of friendship. Online people amass thousands of ‘friends’ using apps and portals. I’m not sure I would call those people friends, that seems like a generous term for people we barely know. To me a friend is someone who shows up at 3am when you have a flat tire or are at the hospital, and they chip in to make everything better. A friendship takes time and input from both sides, it is the building of a relationship despite the circumstances. Friendships come in all sizes, shapes and colors and endure or fade with the elements of time and distance. Knowing that some friends will stay forever and others will simply make an enduring mark then fade, into the background somehow makes friendship more precious than simply liking a face or name in an app.

I have friends and friendships that have defined who I am. I like to think that people would include me in those groups in their lives as well. The guiding principle for meaningful and important friendships seems to be being the kind of friend you want to have no matter what type of friendship you receive in return. By opening ourselves up to different kinds and levels of friendship we allow people to impact our lives in the manner in which they are best able to provide…and we can do the same.

So today let’s celebrate the friendships in our lives and give thanks for what they have brought to the table that makes the meal more enriching.


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