It’s Easier Than Trying to Stop the Rain


It’s one of those days when the rain has set the stage for every conversation, action, and everyone’s attitude. It is raining so hard that it overwhelms everything. No matter where you go or what you do the rain is an element with which you need to contend. It can be hard on these kinds of days to find the good or bright side of things. Feeling soggy, wet and bedraggled seems to be the only option. And everyone you encounter is complaining about the rain and how it is messing up their day.

I saw this Hosta plant in a corner gathering the rain drops and peeking out of the ground. It reminded me that even if my world is overwhelmed by the rain there are things in the world that are savoring the life bringing elements of the water. It’s not all about me and how it effects my world, it’s about everything and what is great for some may be annoying for others. As I walked by the plant I took a deep breath and instantly adjusted my attitude. Rain may seem annoying, but what would my world be like if there was never any rain? There are places in the world suffering from drought and blight due to no water, so I need to remind myself of the benefits of hours and hours of enduring rain.

It’s funny how human nature always leads us to think of ourselves first and all too often we have to be reminded to think of others. It’s a habit we can learn to change if we are willing. Our nature may deliberately direct us down a certain path or process and yet we have the ability to react and act differently simply by changing our thoughts. We have the power we simply need to engage it. But that takes energy and effort and with all the other gazillion things on our minds, in our brains, on our schedules thinking differently doesn’t always make the list. The power of our thoughts impacts everything we do and say and decide, yet we let it go or leave it to everyone else to tell us what to think without realizing we have given up our greatest gift so easily. We have the power to be happy, if we choose it. We have the power to be content, innovative, fun, relaxed, powerful and strong if we simply choose to. All of these attitudes and emotions come our way if we simply choose to think that way.

So on this rainy day, when the water overwhelms everything I touch I am choosing to be grateful and kind and happy. I am choosing to see the life giving force water brings to everything around me even as my shoes squeak from the water squirting between my toes. Think and you will control your actions, your attitude. And on this crazy spinning planet isn’t that easier to handle than trying to stop the rain?

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