Eighty-Eight Years of Technology in One App

IMG_6809My Dad turns 88 today. He grew up in Anniston, Alabama and the town had a party line. That meant everyone in the town had to share a phone line in order to have a conversation.

No one thought anything of it as that was just the way it was. If someone else was on the line you asked them to hang up so you could make a call. For that small town it worked.

Today my Dad’s granddaughter and her husband have moved to Japan. He will be teaching English in elementary and junior high. You can imagine the excitement and pride Paw Paw


(our name for Dad) has knowing that his grandchildren are living such an exciting adventure.  But how do you keep in touch in this digital age? It’s easy, we all use the LINE app. So Paw Paw can post and send pictures, see his words and phrases automatically translated into Japanese so everyone in the group on the app can read the messages. In his lifetime this way we communicate has been completely revolutionized. He is now able to send messages across the globe instantaneously without a thought or concern, or even any cost.

All this change has happened in the decades in which he has been alive. The good part is that he wants to keep up and use these new fangled gadgets to stay in touch with his fifteen grandchildren. No matter where they are in the globe he can send them messages, love, support and hear about their adventures. It ‘s a long way to come from growing up with a party line in small town Alabama.

Sometimes we forget how rapidly things change. We have somehow grown accustomed to finding new ways to do things that we didn’t know needed to be changed. Someone will invent a new way and everyone adjusts and learns and goes with the change. That can be tiring leaving a sense of nothing stays the same anymore. How does that saying go, the only real constant in life is change?

What hasn’t changed in our family is my father’s character and love for his wife and family. With is wife of fifty-eight years they have built a family that encompasses the globe and is changing the world one relationship at a time. And they are right out there using the app to keep in touch with all those children and families. Despite the vast difference from how they grew up, they are working together to keep sharing their love and support for their future generations.

So here’s to embracing technology, downloading apps, and hugging all those grandkids scattered across the globe. Thanks for all your love and support Paw Paw, keep up the good work.

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