And So I Begin Again


A few weeks ago I posted about a project I have started. I am decorating eight yards of fabric to use it for upholstery on a pair of antique chairs. I created a large test area and then worked to ‘seal’ the inks with heat, as the instructions direct. Unfortunately the ink never dried. It was never absored into the fabric nor did the heat set it fully. We figure that there must have been a sizing or starch of some kind still on the fabric which prevented the inks from working normally. My only option was to wash the fabric all over again and begin the process again. I had done this before so to do it again was a bummer.

Honestly, the thought of having to start all over was a little daunting. It was both discourage and frustrating. I thought I had a process and method finalized only to realize  it didn’t work. After giving myself time to process and get used to the idea of having to start all over again, I began again. I washed the fabric twice, ironed it once and began creating letters and designs once again. It is a long process made even longer by starting all over.

Winston Churchill said a profound statement when it comes to failure. “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Having the strength and gumption to start again after facing failure take guts. Without those guts many things in this world would never have come into being. Not everyone has the courage to start over. It means swallowing your pride and facing reality. Facing failure means you stand up to the best and worst of things and are willing to give it another go.

It is time to brush the dust off my shoulders and start again. This may not work or it could prove to be a raging success. I won’t know which unless I finish this portion of the work and keep things moving forward. So I gather my pens and letters and so I begin again.


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