Locked in Our Own Self Imposed Limitations

We all live in boxes we have created for ourselves. We impose limitations on what we can say or do or think for no other reason than we believe these limitations are true. So we live within lines and barriers we have created not knowing that we are also the ones who can knock down those walls.

Unfortunately we do not always know that we have created these walls, we think they are a normal part of everyone’s world. We go through our day not realizing the impact of our invented walls until someone or something else challenges our assumptions. Then suddenly we stand in awe realizing that we have been missing out or completely wrong AND have limited ourselves into a small, tight box.

We create these limitations from things we have learned or know or have experienced. Someone once told us something or we experienced something and up went those silly limitations. Something like it’s too hard to go to school and work a full time job, so we never go back to school to finish our degree. Maybe it is something as simple as thinking a certain way or supporting an unsubstantiated belief we learned as a youth.

The real challenge is that all too often we do not know there are walls until something changes. We live each day in assumptions or with unreal rules which limit our ability to perform. The best way to uncover our own walls is to actively step outside ourselves and our circumstances and be open to what we see. It means stepping into the unknown and believing that it is worth investigating a new approach to become a better version of ourselves. If there is only one wall you tear down this week, that may be enough to change your path forever.

Today is the day to break down your self imposed limitations and live the life you only imagined. When the walls come down everything changes and your wildest dreams can become your daily life. So open the door and be ready for the unrestricted.


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