…and THAT Woke Me Up!


Sometimes we have days where we seem to drift through them in a fog or are so deep in thought that everything else seems to fade to the background. I had one of those days, then went to the restroom and forgot to pull down the lid of the toilet…and THAT woke me up!I had another day when I was driving a long distance, thinking deep thoughts and brainstorming new ideas. Before I knew it I had passed my exit and was thirty minutes farther down the road than needed…and THAT woke me up! On still another day I was listening to the news on the radio while focused on doing something else. I heard a horrible news story describing terrible harm to people and property…and THAT woke me up!

For each of us it takes something different to wake us up and make us pay attention to our circumstances, our lives, our destination. I know people who live their lives drifting from day to day without any sense of passion, urgency, or focus on anything other than getting through the day as quickly as possible. I want to shake them and get them to pay attention or give some effort to making their lives better, however it is not my job to make people want to do something. It is up to each of us to create a life we want to live even if where we are now is not exactly where we want to be. The rest of us need to be patient as we encourage those we care about as they make their lives better, even if the process seems to take forever. We might know where they need to go or how they need to pay attention, however sometimes the best lesson learned is the one that wakes us up as a consequence of our own actions.

So here’s to the wake up calls of life, the ones that make us sit up and take notice of where we are and how we are getting there. And here’s to supporting others as they experience their own wake up call. Either way, life is worth being full engaged and some days make that more clear than others.

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