Simply By Being Your Beautiful Self

Flowers remind us that life is beautiful and full of potential. When I saw these light and dark pink petals I stopped in my tracks. The buds that have not opened don’t show any hint of what color they will contain. The best we can do is encourage them to grow with nutrients and patiently wait for them to reveal what is inside.

Just like people. We have to encourage them to grow into who they are meant to be and we have to be patient as they learn the lessons along their journey. We might think we have an inkling of who they are inside, but not until they begin to open themselves up to experience and learn how to process the world do we truly know what colors they are going to present.

I had to weed some of my own flowers today and it reminded me that there are bumpy roads, barriers and hours of work involved in becoming who we are inside. Everyone has a suggestion or opinion about where, or who, or what we are supposed to be, yet only time and effort truly reveal our hidden talents and amazing skills. Sometimes it means pruning or fertilizer or even moving plants in order to make them prosper, and the same holds true for humans. Being able to be yourself, the one you are inside not just the one you were growing up, THAT is when you know you are an adult.

Flowers are fleeting and life is short. Take seriously the opportunities you have to become a better, more beautiful version of yourself. The world is waiting to see what joy you will bring simply by being your beautiful self.

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