Grab The Wheel and Enjoy the Ride

We sometimes forget that we are the ones who steer our lives. We make the choices, we decide which roads to take, and we must then deal with the consequences of our choices. If you listen to the media for too long it can feel like everything is out of control, like we are all victims of big business or bad government, and that we have no options other than to fall in line. But that’s not true, no matter how often the media spin that yarn.

The challenge most of us have is how to make a decision when we are not exactly sure how it will turn out. Fear of the unknown means we may delay in order to get more data. The more we know the more certain we can be that what we decide will be the right choice. Others are more comfortable with risk and have less of a need to be in control, so they move forward into the unknown with a sense of adventure and hope. Then there are those who get paralyzed and refuse to move towards anything out of the fear of making a mistake.

Life is about making choices when you do not have all the data. Life means dealing with what happens along the road, even when you are not in control. Life means you will make mistakes and learn powerful lessons, even when you thought you had everything in the proper place. Some of my most powerful lessons in life have been the result of mistakes and missed steps along my path. I learned things I never knew I would need when things fell apart or blew up. I value those tough times as they taught me things that helped me navigate better in the future.

It’s not about getting things right all the time, it’s learning when things go wrong. Anyone can drive the straight, safe highways. It takes a special driver to travel the back roads not knowing exactly where the road ends. The best stories happen when the road brings unexpected sites and sounds. So grab the wheel, take hold of your future decisions and give in to the unexpected twists and turns of life. Let the wind run through your hair and enjoy the ride.

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