One Quote…

This week’s calligraphy quote was to do whatever we wanted with one quote – we do not remember days, we remember moments. No other elements or guidelines. I pondered over this one a great deal and decided that I wanted to go modern and a little minimalist. I used a Copic .7 pen, with Tombow and gel markers on mixed media paper. I used stencils to get the perfect circles.

As I thought about all the moments that have compiled to make my life, I could think of so many that fell at either end of the spectrum. Good, bad, boring, happy, calm, excited, dull and meaningful. Interestingly enough I could not have told you beforehand about which moments would end up which way. Life is funny that way, we never know what is going to happen and how it will turn out. For some of us that causes a great deal of anxiety and for others that is what makes it all such an adventure.

Life is truly about taking each day moment by moment and living it to the fullest, good or bad, happy or sad. The sunny days would not seem so special if we never experience rain. The great days would not seem as joyous if we never experienced days full of sadness. There are moment that take our breath away and others that whip by unnoticed until much later. Savor the moments today offers and put them into the proper perspective.

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