A Little Bit of Mental Energy

We have had a lot of rain this Winter and you can tell that people are over it. The forecast calls for more rain this week yet everyone isn’t so negative anymore. Spring is on it’s way in Georgia and the rain serves a different purpose. This rain helps the flowers already popping out of the soil to grow stronger, faster, brighter. I find myself cheering for the gentle rains of Spring to help my seeds and flowers grow strong. Every drop brings life and nutrients and everything one day closer to beauty.

So what’s the difference between Winter rain and Spring rain? Sure it’s about timing and sunshine, but in reality both types are just rain. The difference is being able to see a greater purpose or sunny side. With things getting green and blooming and growing, it is easier to see the value in rain. When days are cold and dull and dark it is hard to remember that there is a purpose for all that water falling from the sky.

That same challenge seems to hold true for so many things in life. Death is sad and for many a blessed release from pain. Moving is a hassle and a true opportunity to start somewhere new. Love is both a joy and can be our darkest hour. The difference is really in our attitude and the way we choose to frame it. Anything can be both happy and sad depending upon which way you look at it. How we experience anything is framed by how we choose to look at it.

So what horrible thing has happened to you recently that may really be your greatest blessing in disguise? What are you so sick of that is what may truly pull you out of yourself and pull you towards a better reality? What thing is stuck in your craw when all you need to do is change your thinking to put it into a brighter frame of reference? Our attitude is everything. Which means we have the power to change how we feel simply by changing the way we think.

Yesterday you cursed more rain, today you are going to praise it for bringing life to your Spring flowers. What are do your life could use a bit of adjustment in attitude to help you see the positive side? All it takes is a bit of mental energy and everything could be better.

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