Sometimes Blunt Works

There is no doubt that this dog wants food or water. He is making himself clearly understood. Good communications isn’t simply about what we say, it is about how clearly we allow the other person to know what we need. This means being vulnerable, open, clear, and willing to put what we need out there. It means risking that once you communicate what you need it will be fulfilled.

As humans we can tend to be a bit more cloudy in how we communicate our needs. We drop hints or wish, or we keep it locked inside and expect people to know. If they know us they know what we need, or that is what the voice inside our head keeps telling us. And until that other person learns to read our mind we are disappointed and feel neglected.

There is a lot we can learn from our pets. When they want things they walk right up and push until we meet their need. They know they are dependent on us and have no shame in getting what they want. It is almost as if being dependent or having a need makes them communicate the best way they know how to get someone to fill their need. They don’t seem to care if it makes them look weak, or needy, or even pushy. All they want is their need met and they are willing to what it takes to get that done.

Watching our puppy find his own way to communicate his need reminded me to be clear with what I want and need, which assumes I even know. No matter our age or circumstance we all have gaps in our lives that only other people can help fulfill. This means we have to let go of our precious independence and pride and ask for others to help. It may mean being so blunt as to pick up our bowl and drag it wound until they get they what we need. Sometimes being blatant is the best way to get things done. And yes, we fed Gravy and gave him water…


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