Wear Your Rhinestones and Lycra No Matter What

Elvis was a true individual. He crafted and created his own world. He wasn’t ashamed to like different music and incorporate it into his own style. He dressed the way he wanted and his look has become iconic. I saw this photo in an antique store and instantly knew who these men were working hard to resemble. The moment I saw it I smiled and thought how much fun these men must have been having in all that rhinestone and Lycra!

Whether you like Elvis or not you cannot deny his ability to be himself. He knew who we was and what he wanted to communicate to the world. It was his main focus to make his fans happy and give them the best performance every night. Elvis knew exactly how to be Elvis.

In a world full of copy cats and people freely telling us what to wear, what to drive, how to live and decorate our houses, what school to attend and what our life should look like, it can be hard to truly know ourselves. We live in a culture that values individuality as long as it doesn’t threaten or make us feel bad about being ourselves. We say we want people to be their unique self and yet we bully, mock, cattle call and humiliate each other all the time. It is easy to claim the right to be ourselves, and yet it can be a hard principle to live by each day.

What do you really know about yourself? How comfortable are you in your own skin, enough to show your true self no matter who is looking? How often do you worry about what other people think or will say about something you want to do or wear? How do people feel about themselves when they are around you? We may not always remember what people gave us, or what they said, or what they did, yet we will always remember how they made us feel. It is hard to make people feel good about themselves when we do not know or feel good about ourself.

As an individual Elvis made people feel good about themselves by giving of his talents. Decades after his death people are still wearing his style and EVERYONE knows where it all started. What will people say about how you made them feel? How well do they know you AND are you willing to let them know you? If Elvis could get away with that jumpsuit you can get away with just about anything and still make it. Wear your version of rhinestones and Lycra no matter what. Be willing to be your true self no mater who is watching.

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