Let the Testing Begin

I am working on a long term project. I bought eight yards of duck twill and plan to have a set of chairs reupholstered with it. To get to the point where I am ready to use it on furniture I want to decorate and design all the yardage. The fabric has been washed and pressed and is ready for production. I have never worked on fabric before so this is a step into the unknown. To make the unknown and bit more familiar I test the products on a portion of the fabric first.

I usually end up with a wide variety of tools, inks and options so the only way I know how to keep them straight is to write the tool name using that tool. That way I San see what it looks like and remind myself once I start designing what it will look like before I use it. Sounds simple and yet it can take a while to get all the testing done. Most of these have to dry for 24 hours, then be heat set, so it takes time and patience to let things dry before getting too exited to start. I tested stamps and inks pads, wooden stamps I made and other items as well.

I think the waiting can be the hard part when an exciting project is about to begin. Be it the drying time or the organizational politics of getting decisions made, either way the waiting and testing can be awful. The prep work is done, the idea is firm on your brain and you have time, energy, and the tools to get started. And instead of diving right in you simply hurry up and wait. Everyone or everything is not ready so you have to be patient while all the planets align. Beside being patient you have to not get so frustrated that once you can forge ahead you are over it and want to move on to something else. It is difficult to be excited and wait at the same time and not lose your enthusiasm.

What do I do in this situation? I find something equally exciting to move to while waiting, work on this project or finish it, then get back to the big goal in time. It might seem a bit schizophrenic and yet having multiple things to work on keeps the energy going, the excitement high, and the creative juices flowing. It also helps me feel productive during what could have been a boring down time.

I’ve learned the hard way what not testing and waiting can ruin. So I test, I wait, I set and I evaluate. All that takes time and anything worth doing will take time. So heed my reminder to test, wait, then let your energy go! If it is worth doing it is worth doing right.

What do you think - write your thoughts here!

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