How Tile is Like Friendship

I was looking at tile today and noticed that I was drawn to the styles that had nooks and crannies and imperfections. The options that seemed like they had a story to tell and some personality were the ones I found myself photographing and trying to picture how they might look in our project.

Picking out tile is a lot like making friends with people. There are the easy to install and maintain and then there are the flashy, modern, trendy ones that eventually wear on us and somehow we eventually replace. There is the friend that hangs around for the long term and the ones where we are passionate about until circumstances change and we grow apart.

Each of us has our own definition of what a friend means. Throughout our lives we have had many friends that have moved in and out of our lives, and then there are friends that have stayed and stayed no matter the circumstances. We have work friends, church and community friends, school friends and childhood friends. There are friends we can see rarely yet feel like they are always with us, and we have friends we see all the time that never really get too close. It is the pieces of all of these friendships that cover the walls of our heart and soul. What they bring us and what we give them enriches our lives and decorates our world.

The key to all of this is to ask ourselves what kind of friend are we? The one that sticks or the one that gets replaced when the fashions change? There is no judgement here as we all need all levels of friendship. The point is to be honest with ourselves and know what kind of friend we are and what kind of friend we need for what we are facing today. Pick your friends carefully and enjoy what they bring to your world.

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