Putting the Pieces Together – Use Your Words

We are blessed in this country to have access to amazing medical professionals. This assumes you have insurance and can find the right professional for your medical need. I have had two living examples recently of women who were sick and went to the Doctor, which unfortunately ended up being the wrong Doctor to diagnose their alignment correctly. Both ended up being sick much longer than was necessary simply because the Doctor wasn’t able to diagnose what the right course of action needed to be. Both are well on their way to recovery after working with the right medical professionals to heal their ailments.

We forget that medical professionals are only human. They are not all knowing, all seeing, all healing magicians. They are people who usually practice a specialty and understand that area very well. When what is going on veers outside of their expertise the going can get a bit foggy. They can’t always see all the pieces let alone put them back into the right working order. We have to be active participants in our own health care, which may mean leaving one office to find someone else to help us uncover the right answers. It may take more than one person to help us put the pieces of our health back together.

It also means we have to be willing to change bad habits, poor practices and put junk food aside to let healthy living lead us back to strength and wellness. When we employ logic, sound judgement and think for ourselves combined with medical expertise we can head down a healthier road. Sounds easy, and yet sometimes it means having the courage to get another opinion even if it is of someone you have just met. No one has all the answers, and we cannot sit back and be passive about our own care. It takes courage to face the truth of what is happening and to find the answers to make things better.

Maybe the lesson here is multiple things. First, ask better questions and don’t accept a pill or another medication as the only right answer. Think about how what was prescribed is actually working, and if it isn’t then get another opinion. And finally, no one can truly understand how we feel without our participation. If we do not communicate clearly and in terms they understand there is no way for them to offer assistance. It’s a lot like life, if you don’t speak up no one knows what you need or how to help. Use your words.

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  1. I was thinking about your fabric project this morning. It takes me some time when an idea rises from the mist of my now Brigadoon like mind. You know you can design your own fabric print line. Oodles of money. Fabric companies like Stonehenge (Sharla knows a few of the company names) offer fabrics by designers. Marimekko made it with their “Finnish” inspired design patterns. I’ll buy one yard of the Ann Baily Ukiyo line today.

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