The Power of Place

Each day we experience different places in our lives, actual locations where we are ourselves. Each setting is a piece of the puzzle that works with all the other pieces to create the total picture of ourselves. Some people travel to an office or location for work, others work from a home office. Some people work in a studio or facility, while others call the open road their office. Some people live in houses, apartments, condominiums or even roof top penthouses. Some people live with or near family while others live alone with no family anywhere in sight.

All of these places allow us to do what we need to do in our lives and provide a safe environment in which to do it. The spaces we occupy say a great deal about who we are and what we value. In candid moments our spaces may identify how neat or messy we are, that we are people who put things in piles or maybe even that we never put the dishes away. In these places we are truly ourselves and we are able to find comfort, quiet, connectedness or even that special space where we read and work. The colors, textures, features and decorations we employ in each one sheds a bit of light on who we are, again like a puzzle piece. The places we inhabit help us navigate our daily lives providing a place to call our own.

As you read this, what does the space around you tell the world about you? What trinkets and pieces surround your computer that remind you of adventures, people, places and values? And how do you feel when you are in your own space, your own place? Take a moment to look around the room where you are sitting and savor the wonder that is your place. Give thanks for the spaces you inhabit and help others who are still looking at how to find and fill their own place.

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