The Nuclear Disappointments of Life

grayscale photo of explosion on the beach

No one’s life goes on without having to deal with disappointment. When it hits it feels like a nuclear disaster just struck and your whole world will never be the same. Not all disappointments have this impact on our lives, yet they can all mess with our emotions. It is not so much the actual disappointment that is the challenge, we are more impacted by how we react and and then regroup.

We had plans this past weekend for friends to visit from out of town. The morning of their arrival we found out they encountered travels challenges and were not going to make it. It was a huge disappointment as we all had been planning this visit for months. We were bummed not to be able to spend time without friends. We were let down that all the fun things we had planned to do would not happen. And we were sorry that their visit would be put off for many more months.

Life is not about making plans, it is about living with what reality actually brings to your doorstep. All lives are impacted by disappointments. Looking back on the decades we can all see things we were devastated by in the past that now seem like turning points or blessings in disguise. The job we didn’t get, or the house that was sold before we could put in an offer, the admirer who did not return our affection, or the life events that interrupted our well constructed plans. When they hit it was awful, in hind site most were moments where we had to change, grow, and move forward in a different version of our world. If those disappointments had not happened we would not be where we are today.

What was a nuclear disaster now appears to be a different path. Adjustments have been absorbed and we travel the different road forward. Or we can sit and pout, eat ice cream out of the container and wallow in self pity. The way we react to the disaster will determine how we feel about ourselves and how others view our character. It is in the life moments when we get the unexpected that our resolve and our character are tested. So next time the bomb goes off, pause and process before you react. The time you give yourself to decide the how and the what will have a huge impact on your future self.


  1. Now this makes me feel much better, actually much better than ice cream. I’ll still be bummed by the “nuclear explosion” but then I get and am so excited for the next time we can arrange a visit. Thanks Ann

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