Wanting to Get Back Home

It’s been a long day and you are headed home. The road winds before you much longer than you want, meaning you have to be patient as you safely drive the rest of the way home. The silence allows you to think and the simple activity of driving seems peaceful, but not as peaceful as being home.

I am blessed to love where I live. Not everyone has that same felling. For too many home means pain and conflict, injury and fear. For some home means heading into a mess, drama, arguments and more than they really want to handle. For some it means endless hunger and never enough hot water or warm blankets or any peace and quiet. And for others there is no home, they live in a shelter or in their car to stay safe from those who mean them harm.

Next time you are driving home think about what your home means to you. Think about the special things it provides or the things you want to change to make it better. Think about what makes you feel safe and happy to arrive at your front door. Then think for a few more minutes about the people around you who do not experience the peace and joy that a wonderful place to live provides. We never truly know the lives people are living or not living when we only think about ourselves. If you experience a home that is a blessing then be kind and share that blessing when you find someone in need. Never underestimate the power of a safe place to sleep.

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