The Babysitter’s Step Daughter

When I was twelve years old I babysat the children of our Japanese friends who were in the US attending seminary. Junko was six and Hiroshi was four. My family spent four years getting to know this family and watching the children grow up. Thirty five years later I spent four years working with their ministry teaching leadership development in Osaka and Tokyo.

Today more than forty years after my babysitting days, my step daughter Ashe and her husband Aric are moving to Japan. They are moving across the world for him to teach English in a small town outside of Tokyo. Junko will be picking them up at the airport and they will be staying with her while they settle in and find their apartment. That six year old little girl is now providing service and comfort to the third generation of my family. We are blessed to know that though Ashe and Aric are far away they are being cared for by our Japanese family.

When we provide help and service, assistance and fulfill life’s needs for people we are establishing a legacy that will live on for decades and generations to come. The opportunity to say yes means we have the chance to give beyond our own limits. Never underestimate the power of kindess and giving of yourself. It is like putting love and faith back into the many drawers of life’s cabinets, not knowing when or if you will ever need to call on your investments. Today the investment my parents and our family made in this family in kindness, friendship and faith are being paid back to the next generation.

Who knew that a twelve year old free babysitter would serve a purpose that would be fulfilled more than forty years later. All the world needs is more people to say yes and serve. When you are asked to give all you need to do is say yes!

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