Act Old Later… Words to Live By

A friend of mine has this sign in her studio. I think it sums things up perfectly. We spend so much of our lives working hard to grow up, however that doesn’t mean we have to grow old. I know people in their late eighties and nineties that have more energy than some forty years olds. I also know people in their late forties that already have one foot in the grave. So what’s the difference between the two groups of people?

The difference is having something to do, someone to love, and something to care about. Those people who have something they are passionate about have the energy and vitality to keep going, keep moving, and keep living life to their fullest ability. We all know people who retire and pass away within a few months. The thought of having nothing to do literally kills people. The strange part is too many people wait to find something they want to do until it is too late. They think they will figure it out once they retire, which is too late.

So what do you do that prevents you from getting old? Who and what are you passionate about enough that it keeps you excited to get out of bed each day? You may be all grown up, but are you old? Do you feel old? Maybe you need to be reminded that life it too short to give up early. Find something you love to do. Find an interest or hobby, somewhere to volunteer or a place to give away your talents. There are people out there who need what it is you have to give, and they need you to teach and mentor them before you decide to be old. You can act old later, today you need to get up and get moving and have a lot of fun doing something you enjoy.

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